Microseal® – WS2 Coatings


Microseal® – WS2 Coatings – Microseal® Process

E/M Coating Services is the exclusive source for the Microseal® process, which succeeds where conventional fluid lubricants fail as it remains stable under the most extreme conditions and is resilient to shock radiation, vibration, acceleration and electrical discharge.

The Microseal® process, which utilises unique application equipment and techniques, results in an ultra thin self-limiting and firmly adherent solid film that only fills voids on the surface. It is designed to perform in hard vacuums and in extreme temperatures ranging from -423˚F to 2000˚F (-253˚C to 1093˚C). Static, sliding, and rolling load-bearing modes are all compatible with the process and application will not affect base material hardness, temper, flexibility or other properties in addition it does not attract contaminant particles.

The Microseal® process:

  • Creates a continuous lubricating surface that reduces friction and prevents galling and seizing
  • Remains stable under extreme environmental conditions
  • Dissipates heat
  • Adapts to a wide variety of substrates
  • Withstands loads beyond the limits of even the hardest base materials without extruding or deforming
  • Cannot be removed without removing some of the substrate surface

To find out more information about the process or to discuss your specific requirements in more detail please contact us.