Subsea/Marine Coatings


E/M Coating Services have been working with Oil and Gas OEMs for many years and are specialists in understanding the harsh environmental challenges and operational hazards presented by this industry.  We offer the latest coating solutions that are specifically designed to address the wear, abrasion and deep sea corrosion issues that critical parts and components are exposed to during their lifespan within this business sector.

Our engineered coatings and full range of subsea paint systems, including all NORSOK M501 solutions, can increase productivity and improve reliability through the reduction in surface abrasion, corrosion and resultant wear and tear; this in turn reduces any potential down time in operations – a factor imperative in this highly competitive market.

Contact us to discuss your application requirements and our experienced engineering team will help you to identify the ideal coating solution or paint system.  In addition we also offer ongoing support and technical advice and when required can even work with you to analyse and alleviate specific corrosion or abrasion issues on site.  We operate to the very highest quality standards and procedures and our services and capabilities include the following areas of expertise:

  • The ability to cater for high volume parts
  • Coating consistency
  • On site field work
  • Laboratory testing
  • In house chemist for the development of bespoke engineered coatings
  • Thermal spray technology and application
  • A variety of application methods suitable for even the most difficult environments

If you are looking for specific paint systems please see our Specifications and Approvals page for further information.