NACE Inspection Service


E/M Coating Services offer a NACE Coating Inspection Service. NACE International are leaders in the corrosion engineering and science community and are recognised as being the World’s premier authority in offering corrosion control solutions.

Why use a NACE inspector?

NACE Coating Inspectors can assist in alleviating problems that occur during the pre-treatment, application and curing phase of a coating job. The NACE Coating Inspector will inspect, test and document the environmental conditions, surface preparation and pre-treatments, cleaning procedures, material details, coating application and carryout all final coating tests. This not only ensures the job has been completed to the specification, but can save valuable time and money.

What level of NACE Inspector do I need?

Usually this will be governed by the job specification. Typically, work can be carried out by a NACE Level 2 inspector. However, they may be required to work under the supervision/signoff of a Level 3 inspector.

Where will our inspectors go?

Anywhere! We provide a global Worldwide service from our base in the UK. We have the capability to cover jobs ranging from a few hours at a coating shop in the UK to several weeks offshore.

How quickly can I get an Inspector?

As standard, we require 2 weeks notice of a job, however we can scramble a team rapidly if required (this may incur extra costs).