E/M Coating Services has been instrumental in the development of the highest level anti-corrosion coating system – Procoat100™.

The Procoat100™ system is an exceptionally stable water based coating that can be air cured and is easy to apply. It is suitable for use as a primer or as a one coat system and gives coated surfaces a tough, chemically bonded surface guard that resists corrosion creep, chipping and water penetration. The system can be applied as a spray or by dipping and can be top coated in minutes.

15 years of data, both empirical and laboratory based, have proven that the Procoat100™ system can be used for applications operating in extremely harsh conditions including automotive, heavy truck, aerospace, marine, subsea and civil engineering. In addition it far surpassed traditional coatings when tested for the harshest cyclic salt spray and SCAB tests.

Procoat100™ is compatible with nearly all OEM topcoats and finishes and meets or exceeds current and proposed OEM and fleet performance requirements, contact us to find out more about this innovative coating system