Motor Sport & Automotive Industry Coatings

E/M Coating Services has a wide range of coating systems which have been specifically developed to meet the high demands of the automotive industry. The automotive industry is particularly focused on corrosion protection, efficiency of components and safety and of course, cost is always a factor in such a competitive industry.

For corrosion protection, E/M Coating Services offers a range of zinc and aluminium flake coatings. These coatings can provide thin film galvanic protection to a whole range of automotive parts. For more demanding application we have our own Procoat100™ system, which is perfect for chassis, springs, steel wheels. This coating far out performs both E-Coating and Powder coating and prevents the spread of corrosion caused by stone chipping and impact damage.

For improving the efficiency of components we recommend a wide range of dry film lubricants, which offer greater levels of lubrication and lower levels of friction, than liquid based lubricants. These coatings are particularly favoured by Formula 1 teams, who utilise a number of our coatings for preventing galling on threads, fretting on vibrating parts, thermal protection, protection of carbon fibre composites and reduction of rubber pick up.

For improving safety, E/M Coating Services provide a variety of coatings, which are vital to the continuous critical workings of seat belts, pre-tensioners, brakes, seat mechanisms, ABS systems, steering and many more. Some of these components of use constantly and others are only called upon occasionally, but must work first time every time.

For more information about our coating range or to discuss your specific requirements in more detail please contact us.