Heavy Goods/Earth Moving Equipment


Heavy Goods & Earth Moving Equipment Industry Coatings

In the heavy manufacturing industry, strength, resilience, and reliability are vital characteristics in products. E/M Coating Services recognises the extreme conditions and working environments that these vehicles operate under. Increasing the life and reducing the service requirements of critical components will increase the usable time of the vehicle.

Using Dry Film Lubricants will ensure continuous smooth operation of moving parts. They will outperform liquid lubricants, which have a relatively narrow band of usable conditions. Once out of this band (due to temperature, load, wear, migration and debris) the liquid can change fluid state and no longer provide protection. In these conditions a Dry Film Lubricant will remain intact and provide continuous lubrication.

Corrosion is a common problem for these vehicles with severe localised corrosion leading to catastrophic failure of engineered components. These failures can potentially be prevented by a combination of correct design, material selection and surface treatment (coatings). The correct choice of coating and substrate pre-treatment are critical.

E/M Coating Services offers a breakthrough coating technology called PROCOAT100™. This novel coating system out performs traditional coating processes such as E-Coating, Powder Coating and Zinc rich coatings.

Three key features provide the superior performance

  • Molecular bond to the substrate
  • Impervious polymer layer
  • Corrosion inhibiting matrix

PROCOAT100™ will provide 4000 hours salt spray (ASTM B117, over blast profile). It is easy to apply by spray, dip or brush and meets all the latest requirements from REACH, for more information please visit our PROCOAT100™ page.