Military and Defense


Military and Defense Coatings

The military and defence market we serve, often places the highest demands on our coating systems. The harsh environments, coupled with aggressive use, mean that only the toughest surface technologies will survive.

The defence market is governed by a clear set of coating specifications. Our Everlube Product range has always been at the forefront of these specifications and meets all the latest revisions of the following MIL grades: MIL-PRF-46010, MIL-L-8937, MIL-PRF-46147, MIL-L-81329, MIL-L-23398, MIL-L-87132B, MIL-C-85614, MIL-L-87132, MIL-L-2250. These specifications not only ensure that the best possible products are used, but they also set out clear and thorough batch testing on all the coating products, to guarantee the coating will perform to the highest level every time. Dry Film Lubricant coatings are often used by the military to replace greases and liquid lubricants that can attract grit and debris, which can turn a lubricant into a grinding paste.

We have a series of coatings which have been formulated to protect against a wide range of corrosive and chemical environments. Some of these coatings, like PROCOAT100™ provide self healing properties, so that vehicles can go further and longer between service intervals, where it can then be used as on onsite corrosion repair kit. Other coatings like Flurene 177 have been utilised to protect components used for transporting aggressive solvents and acids.

For more information about our military grade products please contact us and our experienced engineers will be happy to advise you.