Oil And Gas


Protective Coatings for Oil & Gas Providers

E/M Coating Services company has been applying both wet and dry film coatings to offshore oil and gas components for over 40 years and hold a number of oil and gas approvals. We are constantly adapting the services we offer to meet the latest requirements from this demanding industry. Over the last decade we have carried out multiple continuous improvement projects for this sector, including increasing our lifting weight limit to 7.5 tonnes and oven size to 4m2.

E/M Coating Services are leading developers and applicators of engineered coatings to solve problems caused by the aggressive environments in which pumps and valves operate particularly in the offshore oil and gas industry.

Coatings can be applied that address service conditions, including wear, corrosion, erosion, seizing, steam and extreme temperatures (-420°F to 1800°F/-251°C to 982°C), as well as applicable aesthetic standards.

Contact us to discuss your individual requirements and our team will assist you in identifying the best coating for your part or component.