Aluminum Coatings for Aerospace Industry

For many years we have been providing the aerospace and defence industry with a comprehensive range of coatings to enhance performance and extend the life of components. Selection of the appropriate coating can improve part life and reduce maintenance costs. Many of our coatings are qualified to aerospace and defence specifications.

In addition to our range of standard coatings we have the in-house ability to design and develop bespoke high performance coating products tailored to meet customers’ individual requirements.

Our range of coatings provide:

  • Resistance to corrosion, chemical and environmental attack
  • Resistance to erosion and galling
  • High lubricity / low friction
  • High release / anti-stick
  • Low noise / anti squeak
  • Shielding to EM/RF radiation
  • Aerospace aluminized coatings
  • Parylene conformal coatings
  • Pre-treatments including Ti anodising, phosphate conversion coating and chilled iron blasting, aluminum oxide blasting and vapour degreasing

Contact us to find out more about our range of products and services or to discuss your specific requirements in more detail.