Parylene Conformal Coatings


Parylene is an inert polymer, that when applied coats the surface with an ultra thin film that provides a consistent pin-hole free barrier that is truly conformal.  This means that it can be utilised for coating surfaces of all shapes and sizes with crevices and recesses as it conforms to the part giving a uniform thickness and it does not suffer the same edge effects as conventional coating methods.

The benefits of Parylene coatings have been experienced by industries including the medical sector, automotive, aerospace and electronics as it offers excellent moisture and chemical barrier properties plus thermal and UV stability and it is electrically insulating, additional benefits of using Parylene coatings include:

  • Stability – Parylene is inert and insoluble in most solvent systems within its temperature range.
  • Lubricant – Parylene acts as a dry film lubricant.
  • Low stress process – applied at room temperature.
  • Hydrophobic – overcomes internal and external fluid build-up in silicone tubes and other components
  • Sterilisation – coated devices may be sterilised with steam, ETO (Ethylene Oxide Sterilisation) or radiation
  • Dielectric strength – extremely high dielectric strength of 5 kV/mil
  • FDA – Parylene is FDA approved

For more information about the benefits of using Parylene coatings contact us to discuss your requirements and an experienced coating engineer will assist you with your enquiry.