Coatings for Energy Applications

The energy industry has to go further and deeper than ever before to meet the world’s growing energy demands in the face of shrinking natural resources. This has led to a rapid increase in wind, tidal, wave, solar, biomass generators, which all have unique and complex requirements.

We have developed a range of coatings which have been designed to protect infrastructure, improve efficiency, reduce temperature, and improve life cycles. The coatings are being used on components ranging from large fasteners for wind turbines, to critical rotating components in tidal energy turbines.

One of the areas where E/M Coating Services leads the world is in the formulation of coatings for power generation magnets. These rare earth magnets corrode in a unique and rapid fashion and therefore require tailored solutions. We have a group of magnet coatings, which provide up to 1000 hours salt spray resistance on rare earth magnets, whilst not altering their magnetic performance. Magnets coated in these treatments are currently being used by wind turbine manufacturers around the globe.

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