Thermal Spray Coatings


Thermal Spray coatings are suitable for use across a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, power generation, oil and gas and chemical processing among many others. The coating technique used within the process affords protection for critical components from the affects of high temperatures, wear, corrosion, fatigue and oxidation.

Thermal spray is the term used generally for a process that utilises heat to turn metallic and non-metallic powder materials into a molten or semi-molten state, which is then sprayed onto the components surface, upon impact with the part the spray cools and adheres to the surface of the component creating a bond.

The benefits of using thermal spray as a coating include:

  1. Very fast spray rates are achievable
  2. The coating thickness can vary dependent upon the component and its specifications
  3. Components can be kept below 150ºc (300ºF) which means that the substrate does not thermally degrade
  4. It can be used on complex shapes allowing for uniform coating of multifaceted parts
  5. The bond between the component and the coating can withstand heavy loads and severe wear situations

Our purpose built facility in Derby offers both High velocity oxy-fuel coating spraying (HVOF) and Plasma Spraying and both these processes offer our customers and OEMs a cost effective solution for use on new and worn out components, contact our experienced engineering team to discuss your requirements in more detail.