Oil & Gas Specifications


E/M Coating Services hold a number of current oil and gas approvals and some of these specifications are detailed below, however, if you do not see the specific number you require please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

C-156, C110, C157, C-160, C-164, C-172, C-205, C-210, C-149

A-2511, A-004012, A-4028, A-004030, A-004059, A-008018, A-018049, A-018051, A-018064, A-020001, A-020012, A-020021, A-020031, A-020034, A-024063, A-24064, A-004064, A-020001, A-020030,
X-027055, X-116836, X-255397, X-004038, X-004871, X-006141, X-027022, X-27040, X-27047, X-027055, X-27088, X-027099, X-027127, X-027130, X-027137, X-027174, X-065460, X-254329, X-255396, X-255397.

Exxon Mobil:
GP 290213 Sermagard

4001, 4022, 4067, 4080, C80127, C80129, C80133, C80149, C80150, C80151, C80159-J, C80160, C80161, C80162, C80164, C80180, C80300, C80301, C80302, C80400, C80401, C80405, C80600,  C80603, C80700, C80902, C81000, C81001, C81002, C81003, C81004, C81005, C81006, C81007, C81008, C81012, C81013, C81017, C81100, C81600, C81900, C81906, C82405, C82600, C82601, C82603, C82607, C85009, C85019, C801171, C806061.


Vetco Gray:
VGS 2.17.9, VGS 2.19.20, VGS 5.7.10, VGS 6.1.2, VGS 6.1.3, VGS 6.1.17, VGS 6.1.25, VGS 6.3.3, VGS 6.3.14, VGS 6.2.3, VGS 6.3.1, VGS 6.3.4, VGS 19.1.23, VGS 2.17.9, VGS 2.19.9, VGS 2.19.29, VGS 6.1.36, VGS 6.3.22, VGS 6.3.23, VGS 19.1.13, VGS 19.1.24